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A list of lists of scientists from minoritized groups in psychology and neuroscience:

Please get in touch if you know of more lists that we can add.



Data & models:

Neural network model of the hippocampus from Schapiro et al. 2017 adapted to Golang:

Data from Schapiro, A.C., McDevitt, E.A., Rogers, T.T., Mednick, S.C., & Norman, K.A. (2018), Nature Communications:

Data from Schapiro, A.C., Rogers, T.T., Cordova, N.I., Turk-Browne, N.B., & Botvinick, M.M. (2013), Nature Neuroscience

Stimuli used in Schapiro et al. 2012, Current Biology; Schapiro et al. 2013, Nature Neuroscience: Download here

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